Wednesday, November 7, 2012

mickey mouse birthday party

I found this idea that I based my invites off of, but made a few changes to work for us. There are two cards in the pocket, the first with the actual invitation and party details, and the second with our address and gift ideas. I wasn't sure about adding that last part, but it really seemed to help a lot of people, especially our out of town family who doesn't see Baby Wonder very often. I made over 30 invitations, though only about half actually got handed out to people I knew would be able to come. Though all of my husband's family is within a half hour of us, I have friends and family all over the country. I do my best to keep them in the loop and included in things like this, so even though I know you're not going to travel from Texas or California or Washington for a two year old's party, it's still nice to get an invitation. Especially one in the shape of MICKEY!


I created my subway art from this inspiration, but I did mine in Microsoft Word. I downloaded a Mickey Mouse font and a Disney font. (This was a major pain on Windows Vista, by the way. If my Daddy hadn't figured it out and helped my over Skype from California I probably would have cried out of frustration!)

One of Baby Wonder's Aunties and I made yarn balls to decorate around the house with.

 I cut out Mickey heads, the same size as the invitations, and taped them all over the walls and doors of the house. Streamers for the food backdrop and balloons in the dining area finished off the decorations!

We had Mickey Mouse ClubHouse sandwiches, A hotdog (hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog) bar, Pluto's Popcorn from our hot air popcorn maker, caterpillar grape kabobs, a veggie tray, and my black bean and avo salad

I used the Disney font to make labels for the food, and attached them to more Mickey heads.

I saw these and knew they'd be perfect for Baby Wonder's favors! Here's how mine turned out. I just bought a bag of regular M&Ms (sorry, but I'm not buying special order colors) I separated them into "Mickey" colors, and realized that the leftover colors were perfect "Goofy" colors! So, Mickey and Goofy tags were made and the jars were assembled. Each jar cost less than $4 to make, including the jar purchase. 

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