Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a walk on the beach

We went for a walk on the beach because, well, it's November and I don't exactly get to do that very often.

It was nice to get out of the house or off the back patio for a while. Don't get me wrong, the view from the back patio is spectacular, but it is still nice to rearrange your surroundings for a little while. Doesn't make you feel as stuck.

I'm still managing, though reports of "I'm doing great!" or "Look at me go!" are still a couple months away.

My midwife warned me that it would get worse before it gets better, and she was right (imagine that). Still, I'm not on mandatory bed rest, I am able to walk around, albeit slowly and somewhat comically, and for these things I am grateful. I can still get on the floor to color with Baby Wonder (though that's pretty much where I stay for the rest of the afternoon). I can still help my mother fold laundry and I am perfectly capable of sitting at the table for family dinner. Even though I have my own family, and we do family dinners as well, it is still nice to be the kid again every once in a while.

These are my blessings.

Our Wee One is a little acrobat. She moves more than Baby Wonder ever did, and it still brings a goofy smile to my face (and a grimace all at once) when I see my belly rise on one side or the other, as I imagine her stretching, trying for more space, when it feels like she's taking up enough of it as it is!

My parents and brother are supportive and beyond helpful. They've taken this road bump in stride and exhibit every measure possible to make sure I don't feel it. They've gone above and beyond what I ever would have asked of them in order to help me and my family through these last couple months.

Baby Wonder is a joy. He is so smothered in attention and love that his happiness is contagious. He smiles and gives kisses and is a constant reminder of the blessing and joy brought about by my children. It is not hard to remember why the pain of this pregnancy will be worth it when I look at him.

My husband is a rock. He takes my frustration and mood swings like a champion and never falters in his love for me. He is patient and kind even when I am not. He understands my pain, even if he cannot feel it, and makes selfless decisions in order to help me. I am humbled by his steadfast dedication.

- - - - - - - - -

Sleep is hard to come by lately, though I suppose that's God's way of reminding me how much "fun" it was with Baby Wonder. A joke, right?  The last few months before you'll be up all night is the time you really want as much sleep as you can get!

Anyway, I got my feet out of the house and into the sand for an hour. My mom and aunt came with us (though technically, I went with them, since I'm the crippled one!). I was lucky to overlap a visit from my aunt, and as I badgered her with baby questions, Baby Wonder enjoyed yet another person utterly devoted to making him smile.

Baby Wonder had a fabulous time this afternoon; a far cry from when he first met the ocean. What was then a fear of sand and sea alike is now a feverish attempt to escape any hand trying to hold him back from running into the waves.

It is a joy watching him in such complete euphoria over something so simple as wading through the water and chasing sea gulls.

saying bye-bye to mommy before he goes to play

little boys are born with an ingrained desire to chase seagulls

He played so much and got so wet and dirty that he gradually started to loose his clothes; by the end of the trip we had just stripped him down and wrapped him in a towel for the 3 minute ride home. I did get a pretty good shot of a naked baby butt trying to escape on the beach, but that's for his first girlfriend :)

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