Tuesday, January 8, 2013

waiting for baby... the nursery

So I have seriously slacked in my blogging for the month of December.

Baby Wonder and I returned from California and I didn't have much down time to sit and write anything. When I did have down time, I slept.

Now we are anxiously awaiting our Wee One's arrival (and she is currently TWO days late).

Since the kids are sharing a room for the foreseeable future, I had to figure out a way to turn Baby Wonder's room into a space that both a girl and a boy could share.

We decided to leave the walls blue (since I knew that I would be the one painting and I had no desire to tackle that on my own!). Because of this, I was immediately dealing with a not-so-neutral palate, so I knew I had to find bold ways to add both neutrality and femininity to the space. 

Want to take a peak?

My mom and I found the PERFECT bedding for her crib at Babies R Us. Light pink and navy, with a little splash of Paris? Yes please :)

We kept Baby Wonder's crib the same, just moved it to a different spot. We loved this bedding before he was born (Mr. even picked it out before we knew if he was a boy or girl!)

There used to be a red mirror here, back when the accent colors were red. I like the frame-less look of these, since they accent the narrow space here great but don't add a lot of visual weight.  

The room isn't big enough for two sets of furniture, so we have one tall dresser, a changing table dresser, and some closet space for both kids. After some SERIOUS purging of Baby Wonder's obscene amount of clothes, we now have a very manageable amount of storage, and neither child is wanting for outfits. Most  of their clothes are folded, but both have a small amount of room on either side of the dresser for things that need hanging. We took the doors off the closet to fit the dresser, which meant that I had to find a way to keep it organized and tidy at all times, with as little effort as possible. I found these pink canvas bins at Babies R Us and the fabulous woven basket was given to us by a friend at our baby shower. With the walls heavy with blue, I decided to add a pretty solid girl color with the bins. And yes, that is Baby Wonder's camo blanket in the basket... and a camo dress hanging in the closet :)

I made this subway art for Baby Wonder on Microsoft Word and framed it. Took very little time, and only about $10. Wee One will have one too, in different shades of pink, once she makes an appearance and I actually have information to print!

These originally used to be bright red (again, that was the "pop" in Baby Wonder's solo nursery) but after some collaboration with the Aunties, it was decided that a clean, crisp, white would make a great change to tie the room together. All letters, A-Z, have been painted with 97987450239485 coats of white paint and rehung all the way around the room. These letters are probably one of my favorite parts of the room!

Again, we went with white (and light blocking blinds) here! Frilly, ruffled curtains are girly enough without being overbearing because of the white.

This kid never has pants on...

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