Thursday, November 15, 2012

homemade holidays: paint stick ornaments

I KNOW it's the beginning of November.

I haven't taken out the Christmas decorations, and I've continued to hold back from the Silent Night verses I want to listen to so badly. But crafting? That cannot be stopped.

This is our first year as a family in our own home for the holidays, and while Baby Wonder and I won't be home for Thanksgiving, since I am "resting and recovering" with Nana and Poppy for month number 8 of this pregnancy, we will be home in plenty of time to enjoy our tiny townhouse for the Christmas season.

Because of this, I have a ton of projects I want to do this year. Nearly everyone is getting a homemade gift this year, and there are quite a few crafts for our home I want to make as well. Beacuse of this, I decided to get a head start this month. I want to be able to ENJOY the sesaon of Christmas, to help my tiny tot (and busy husband) remember the true reason for Christmas, and for our family to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of December.

I am finishing up my Christmas shopping no later than Black Friday (though it is strickly online shopping for me), and most of my gifts I plan on being done before that.

I am doing as much as I can while I am here with my parents; I intentionally left room in my suitcase to get all my projects home! It's silly to stress about it when I get home in December, and this is the situation I was delt. Cry or deal.

Unfortunatly, there isn't much I can share on here, as no one I'm crafting for has gotten their presents yet! When I get around to Baby Wonder's Homemade Holidays, I will of course share. As of now, I can share these little gift tags/ornaments my aunt and I made. I plan on attatching them to family & friends' gifts, as well as to our neighbor gifts... and probably keeping a few for our tree, too! I certainly made enough.

 The tutorial and free printables are here, and I won't steal her thunder by reposting how to do it.

I just LOVE it when a craft turns out exactly like I wanted it to. The shots below are some of my favorites; but this is no where near how many I actually made. These make me happy :)

told you I made lots!

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