Monday, August 6, 2012

Backyard Birthday

 We celebrated Husband's birthday this weekend with a fair amount of food and friends. To be honest, I didn't initially think that he wanted to do a birthday "party" so I didn't really plan one. I know, Wife Of The Year over here. But the more I talked about what he would like to do, the more people he mentioned in a "maybe we should see if they want to come over" way.  Ok, 15 people and 2 days of cooking later, a PAR-TAY it is.

It was a great night, though nothing of note happened that I can poke fun at. So unless you were there, reminiscing about past bachelorette parties or making fun of my hulk-like collar bones, this won't be too funny. Enjoy the pictures :)

I got a great free printable here for my not-wreath. I am a firm believer in birthday weeks, so this was up all week. Oh, I made the bow. CHEE :)

I made this butter cream icing  for the Red Velvet cupcakes. The icing turned out great ( I even had a couple helpers finish off the bowl for me) but my decorating job was a little "modern art".

Pitchers came from Wal Mart at $20 a piece. I use them for everything, and I love having something pretty to put drinks in because (say it with me) everything deserves to be beautiful. The lemonade concoction was good, though I think I'll add a little more lemonade to balance out the pineapple juice. Either way, pretty tasty. 

I've had this glass jug forever, and it was perfect for my sangria. I found a bunch of sangria recipes online, though in the end I ended up making my own without following any recipe I found. Did you get to try any? Probably not, since the gallon I made was gone in 35 minutes. It was a hit, should have made more.

We've been munching on leftover fruit all weekend. This, along with corn on the cob, salsaqueso blanco dip,  and black bean salad, were our sides. (Check out my post about the black bean recipe here or, for the original blog, here. I had people take it home, it was so good!)

I found enough white Christmas lights to string up, so I didn't have to look like we were decorating early for the holidays with colored lights.

 Most of my favorite people :)

Baby Wonder thought he was being sneaky, eating Uncle Michael's chips. These are SPICY, too. He kept going back for more!

We're missing one, but it's still a fabulous picture!

My birthday boy. Gah, we're so cute.

And as it was a weekend for birthdays, we went to my now seven  (SEVEN!!!!) year old niece's party on Sunday. I don't have any pictures with her, as seven year olds are rather busy, but I did manage to get a couple good ones: 

I should tell you that the big wet spot on the otherwise pretty green shirt was caused by Baby Wonder. At least I'm not the only one he terrorizes.

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